The vegan interpretation

Spinach, Potatoes and Scrambled Tofu Eggs

This is a German classic, spinach with potatoes and scrambled eggs. Not many ingredients need to be replaced to veganise the dish, only some butter, double cream and eggs. In order to get an eggy texture and to get back protein into the meal we will use firm tofu. The typical yellow colour is brought to you by turmeric which apparently is also capable of fighting inflammation. Usually the spinach is enriched with double cream but we will replace it with plant based version.


The ingredients

Serves 2

For the potatoes

For the scrambled tofu eggs

For the spinach

The Potatoes

First bring the salted water to a boil. Put the potatoes in and cook them until tender. You could also steam the potatoes with their skin on. Both variants taste fantastic.

The Scrambled Eggs

While boiling the potatoes smash the tofu with a fork. Add some sunflower oil or similar to a frying pan. Fry the onions until starting to brown, then add the tofu and the Kala Namak salt which smells like eggs due to its sodium sulphate. Fry for approx. 3 minutes until browned, add turmeric powder for the colour. In the end stir in some finely chopped chives but keep some chives for garnish. If it turns out to be too dry for you just add some oat cream.

The Spinach

The spinach can be blanched, cooled down with ice, to keep the vibrant green or just heat them up in a pan but do not fry. Add salt, pepper and a little bit of the nutmeg. Add the oat cream.

Wrapping up

Time to arrange. Drain the tender potatoes. Add chives and parsley for garnish.

The result

Here the nutrient facts, what have we won by veganising that dish.

No eggs means no dioxin and cholesterol. Leaving off the dairy cream in the dish no hormones, no puss and no antibiotics in your body. Without the probably pasteurised cow’s milk you absorb more calcium than in the non vegan dish. The acidic acting cow milk depletes calcium from your bones. Research the myth about milk being one of the best calcium sources if that is new to you. One of the best sources of calcium is spinach - yay. As mentioned in the introduction turmeric (curcuma) has a lot of benefits as well.


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