The vegan interpretation

Vegan Parmesan - Pasta Topping

Going vegan a lot of people think how hard it will be to live without cheese. Luckily there are delicious alternatives to enjoy your favourite foods without harming animals. Here is one of our all time favourite tricks and a must have with most of our pasta dishes: Parmesan.

Opening a container of yeast flakes you probably will recognise the cheesy smell immediatly. Now all we do is to combine them with ground almonds for a more crunchy bite and look.

Vegan Parmesan


Plenty for 2 pasta lovers


The ingredients

  1. Grind the nutritional yeast flakes with the back of a spoon until powdery
  2. Add the ground almonds
  3. Season with salt
  4. Mix everything together

Ready to go! Add it as topping to all your favourite pasta dishes where you have been missing parmesan since going vegan.

You can prepare more at once and keep it in an air tight container with a lid on till next time.

Extra tip: If the following pasta picture makes you hungry: You can find the recipe for a delicious bolognese sauce as part of our Lasagne.

Vegan Parmesan on Pasta


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