The vegan interpretation

German Lebkuchen

Advent is here. Time for pre-christmas preparation, listening to Christmas carols and find time for reflectiveness. Being German, this also includes baking special cookies (called “Plätzchen”).

This year I decided to bring my Advent traditions to a new level and make healthier vegan variations of my favourite cookies. “German Lebkuchen” tastes a bit like Gingerbread and was a favourite with my colleagues when I brought some to the office for tasting.

The Lebkuchen

With the following recipe I had to face the fact, that you won’t find “German Lebkuchengewürz”, the ready-to-use mixture of typical spices, in the UK. Instead I grated the spices I could find to a very thin powder and the taste was quite the original that I know. Baking with the pre-mixture makes it just quicker.

Usually I was creating small Lebkuchen piles on top of wafer, but this time I went for crafting cute cut-out hearts with a biscuit cutter.


Ingredients to fill approximately two baking trays



To brush:

Choclate-Icing for half the cookies

Sugar-Icing for second half


Let’s start

Prepare the choclate-Icing

Prepare the Sugar-Icing

Finish up

Spread icing on the cookies and add almond flakes to the choclate ones.

Let the Lebkuchen cool down on a cooling tray.

Enjoy right away and store the cookies in a food container. Other more traditional recipes turn out quite dry and hard and need apple pieces to be added to the box. My vegan ones turned out lovely and ready to eat right away.


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