The vegan interpretation

Raw apple crumble in a jar

This sweet healthy treat is inspired by the gü desserts. One can get them in various flavours. They look totally cute the way they are layered in their glass jars. Unfortunatly they didn’t think as far as to provide some vegan variations as well… Here comes a homemade guilt-free variation! Prepare a couple in advance and enjoy bringing a great snack to work.

The resulting jar

The recipe is originally for Caramel Crumble Raw Apple Pie by the amazing Raw Lauren. She has a lot of wonderful raw recipes, so have a look around and get inspired for more.

The recipe is not the quickest to make with it’s five different components. But I found the effort was really well worth it, when tasting the result.


The ingredients amount from the cake recipe worked perfect for 10 small jars.


Filling: Layer 1 (Apple sauce)

Filling: Layer 2 (Spiced apples)


Caramel Sauce

Prepare the crust

Prepare layer 1

Prepare layer 2

Prepare Crumble

Prepare Caramel Sauce


All amounts are given in cups, which I didn’t mind since I got measurement cups as a xmas present. But since this turned out to be such a tasty treat I’m sure I’ll prepare it again and can then provide a metric version.

The instructions call for a food processor. Currently not having one, I used a blender instead. That worked, but took some more time, because the amounts are quite small. Also I had to take it apart after each layer to get everything out.

About the jars: I filled 10 small ones, but a few more or less are fine – depending on desired portion size. To have the cakes portable use jars with a lid. Small plastic food storage containers will look less stylish, but work fine as well.

Closed jar with pie


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